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Painting Services

MasterCraft Coatings Industrial Painting in Livonia, MI

For over 25 years, MasterCraft Coatings, LLC has offered comprehensive industrial painting and coating services in Livonia, MI, and surrounding areas. We have built a reputation on reliability and long-lasting results. Each member of our team is committed to providing you with the solutions you deserve.

When you choose MasterCraft, you can trust we will work around your schedule and tailor our work to meet your needs. We have extensive experience serving industrial clients and go out of our way to minimize inconvenience to your business and customers. To guarantee your satisfaction, we offer an exclusive one-year warranty on our work.

MasterCraft Coatings Industrial Painting in Livonia, MI

Services Designed to Enhance & Maintain Your Property

We have the skills and experience to complete work on brick, block, steel, and aluminum structures. Our team members maintain high standards and are experienced and knowledgeable to ensure the quality of our work. Each member of our team is safety trained and certified to perform the tasks at hand. From applying specialty coatings for additional protection and durability to cosmetic interior painting, we do it all.

Epoxy/Urethane Floor Coatings

From urethane to 100% solid self-leveling epoxy flooring system to a beautiful quartz floor to a broadcast chip flooring system that match your corporate colors. Need safety aisle way striping on your floor inside your facility, no problem, we have that covered too. Many industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings rely on epoxy floors to achieve clean and safe conditions for workers, equipment, and inventory. Whether or not you need to conform to USDA or OSHA standards, we can work with you to find the best possible floor coating for your work environment. Let our expertise guide you- call us today!

General Painting Services

Trust the team at MasterCraft Coatings, LLC to give your building a new, updated look inside and out. We can paint and restore brick, block, steel, and aluminum structure. In addition, we can provide interior painting services to help you enhance your indoor spaces. We work directly with each client to find the solutions they need.

Specialty Coatings

We provide a full range of specialty coating services for industrial clients. This service helps create additional protection and durability to products, components, and equipment in your facility. Our specialty coating services not only include specialty floor coatings but we also offer color-coding pipes of ceiling or wall pipes. This service allows firefighters and workers a safe, easy, and clear way of identifying the pipes most industrial ceilings or walls contain.

Metal Deck Ceilings

Looking for a way to brighten your warehouse and commercial working areas? Enhancing your metal deck ceiling with paint can cause greater light reflection. This, in turn, creates a better, safer, brighter work environment for your employees. It also allows you to easily identify which pipes are running along your ceiling, and if there is any discernible, action required on your part due to a leak or contamination situation that may go undetected otherwise.

Machine Painting

We provide a full range of machine painting services. From creating a uniform look across your factory floor to applying safety colors on certain parts, we’ve got you covered. We offer high-quality painting services with conscientious attention to detail in the prep as well as the final finish to improve the look of your machinery and production areas. 

MasterCraft Coatings Floor Epoxy Urethane Coating in Livonia, MI

Trust us all for your industrial painting & coating needs. To learn more about our services, please contact us today at 734-266-1500 We look forward to working with you.

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